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About us

Preventing Abandonment & The Unsafe Rehoming of Our Canine Friends

There are numerous reasons why owners give up their dogs, our aim at Dogs2FosterUK is to help owners find safe, loving, vetted homes for their dogs.  


If you have decided to give up your dog for whatever reason, the one thing you can do for your dog is make sure they move on to a permanent, loving, safe, home where you know their welfare needs will be met and this is why we have a database of potential adopters that might just be the perfect match for your dog.


It costs you nothing but the time it takes to answer some simple questions to help us create the best profile for your dog to give them every chance possible of a great new home. 


Whatever the problem, we want to help you and your dog find a safe solution.

How we came to be and what motivates us to help dogs and owners.

With time, donations, sponsorship or shares on social media. Help us make a difference.  Please share our cause far and wide xx

Our Spanish cousins have helped to re-home thousands of dogs and cats in need

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