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Our Home2Home Dog Boarding Service 

Sometimes a dog owner’s circumstances can change suddenly, you may have to go away for work, go into hospital, need convalescence care or on-going medical treatment?


In this situation a dog owner must decide about what to do with their beloved dog whilst they are unable to take care of them.


 For certain dogs kennelling is not an option because dogs are extremely sensitive to their environment, they can become very anxious in these circumstances. 


A preferred option for many owners is our ‘Home2Home’ experience for their dog, their dog is boarded in a loving, experienced home with licenced dog home boarders.

We can help you find a home boarder for your dog, confirm the dates and length of stay you require with them and facilitate communication between you and the home boarder who will then explain their charges and provide you with their insurance  and licencing details to ensure you are happy before you accept their terms and conditions.

During your temporary absence, you will receive regular updates and photos of your dog so that you know they are being well looked after until your return.


We charge a standard no refundable arrangement fee of £30 per confirmed booking regardless of the length of your dog’s stay.

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