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  Coronavirus Emergency Help & Support

There is evidence to suggest that dogs carry the virus  on their fur ( A human COVID-19 carrier coughs into their hand, then smooths their dog for one example, but not all people show symptoms so we have to treat everyone as if they have the virus) therefore, we are NOT recommending anyone walk other people's dogs. 


For people chronically sick or in hospital, we will foster your dog whilst you get better.  We have extended our sericves to ALL pets to help owners of domesticated pets.


It is suggested that at least one in four people own a dog, if they get sick and need to self-isolate or worse, be hospitalised, they need to make emergency provisions for their dog.  Many people who live alone, particularly the over 70s population may not have family support to help and they may not have access to the internet either!  For many dog owners this is understandably a massive concern.  Therefore, we are co-ordinating emergency support to help as many dog owners and their beloved dogs as possible during this crisis.  We anticipate numbers will be significant, we also anticipate that many dogs could need to be rehomed, which is a huge concern.  Therefore to keep owner's and their dog's together, we will do our best to provide temporary short-term foster care.

Human movement is being restricted so owner's will need to occupy their dogs at home creatively, there are many "boredom busters" available on the market to help with this.  Some fun ways to stimulate your dog at home are use a licki matt and spread their favourite food on it, do some scent work by getting them to find treats you have hidden in the house or garden, fill a Kong with their food - they will take ages trying to get it out!  Set up your own agility course in the back garden, give them treats in a snuffle mat.  Dogs love using their nose and its a great way of getting rid of their energy so scatter feeding them in the garden really helps with this.  Do remember not to over feed though as they will pile on the weight!

Please download our information sheet here and please share with family and friends and especially with people who may not have access to the internet like elderly neighbours.  Click here for our information sheet.


Emergency Support - Telephone 023 817817 07

If you are a dog owner with no support from family, friends and neighbours and you are concerned about what will happen to your beloved dog if you get ill or you need hospital treatment due to the Coronavirus, we will do our best to help you and your dog(s) in one of the following ways:

We will take your dog into emergency short-term foster care if needed

We can help you get food for your dog if you do not have access to the internet

(There will be a minimum donation charge to cover fuel, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) but our time is FREE!

What we need you to do NOW!

Register your dog with us using the following PDF form, click here. 


This is essential information about you and your dog that we will need in case you are hospitalised.  Please complete this form as fully as possible.  Email the form to us at dogs2fosteruk@gmail.com and keep a copy yourself and put it on your fridge or somewhere in the kitchen so that people can find it if you were admitted to hospital.  We will acknowledge receipt of your form so that you know your dogs details are registered with us in the event of an emergency.


We will also send you updates via our newsletter on the changing situation with Coronavirus.

Please make sure your dog has plenty of food in the house including any medication they may need and flea and worm treatments as well.  Please ensure your dogs vaccinations are well in date and if not, please get these re-issued again by your vet.

Want to Help Foster a pet?

Can you help foster a dog whilst someone is in hospital for a matter of weeks or even months?   Please register your details NOW on the PDF form here  and return this to us at dogs2fosteruk@gmail.com as soon as possible please.


 We have no funds available for these types of situations and no opportunity to fund raiseas we would normally do due to social distancing and events being cancelled everywhere.  We are in urgent need of funds, if you are able to make a donation of any amount, you can do so by one of the following ways:

  • Click on our "Help Us" page and make a donation via PayPal

  • Make a BACS transfer directly to our account, Dogs2fosteruk, Account Number 73830845, sort code 20-79-29

  • Send a cheque addressed to Dogs2fosteruk, 2 Peartree Cottage, Main Road, Marchwood, Southampton, SO40 4US

Anything you can afford helps.

Donate unwanted dog equipment, particulary dog beds and dog food you may have spare or no longer need.  If you are local, we can collect these items.

Other Help to Try

If you use the internet, look out for your local Isolation Support Group on Facebook who offer local community support in all aspects of daily living.  Contact your local council  and ask about new measures of support the Government may be offering or go to www.gov.co.uk 

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