Success Stories

Success Stories

Chica's Story

Chica was the unfortunate victim of a divorce.


Her owners has six dogs, four had to be rehomed and Chica was one of those four.

She was used to living in a rural setting without lead training - she never wore a collar!

She was terrified to be parted from her pack but with the help of her new little brother Beau (also a rescue dog) and her incredible owner Lesley, with patience, Chica now accepts lead walking in her new fancy harnesses, and knows basic commands.

She cuddles up with her rescuer -mum Lesley every night and loves her brother Beau who has led her to confidence.

Chica went to the most wonderful home ever, her rescuer is a lady everyone would want to call their friend.

Roxy's Story  

This cutie pie is little Roxy!  Her and her brother Rufus came into our care because their owners had a run of bad luck and could no longer keep them.

After a period of foster care with us, Roxy was adopted by a wonderful lady who had recently lost her own dog.

Roxy is now happy as can be enjoying her long forest walks and of course being spoilt rotten with affection.

We can't thank her adopter enough and Roxy's previous owners were thrilled that she went to such a good home too.


Patch's Story  

This poor boy was abandoned at a young age.  How anyone could let go of this super boy we have no idea!  Patch was taken into foster care and  quickly stole the hearts of the volunteers due to his sweet and loving nature. 


This super little boy was adopted almost straight away by a super family in Romsey.  Patch can enjoy the rest of his life being loved and looked after.  As expected, he settled straight in and took it all in his stride.


Otto's Story

Otto had the most heart breaking story.  As a young pup of around 6 months old he was found in the middle of a motorway absolutely terrified, emaciated and with a noose tight around his neck!  

This clever boy had managed to chew through the rope intended to end his young life!

He came into our care absolutely terrified, to the point we could not get close to him his fear was so awful.

Within only 5 weeks, this incredible boy was not just ready for his FOREVER HOME, he was racing towards it!

He was so clever, he overcame fear, learned toilet training, basic commands, recall and so, so much more! 


Otto was a super clever little boy and full of love for his humans and canine friends alike.

We learnt so much from this gorgeous boy, now he is with the most wonderful adopters and remembered very fondly in our hearts every day.


Otto is an incredible  sight hound, his new owners researched his breed before being able to adopt him. They  were very active owners able to satisfy his instinctive need for stimulation through exercise and activity.  Due to this, Otto is in great hands! We could not be happier!

Gaia's Story  

This pretty little puppy girl was abandoned.  Gaia is a Pointer cross.


A wonderful couple and their young daughter came forward to adopt her after they lost their beloved dog.

Gaia and their daughter have formed a wonderful relationship, Gaia waits excitedly for the little girl to get up in the morning so she can play with her - they have a very special bond.  This lovely girl has settled down beautifully in her new home.

Thank you to Gaia's special family for giving her a second chance after her sad start to life.


Kiki's Story  

This lovely girl is Kiki.  She was abandoned and taken into a shelter.  Kiki loved human company so much she would climb the fences just to steal a cuddle with the volunteers!

It wasn't long before she stole the hearts of Anne and Steve and their grandchildren who have a special bond with her.  Fortunately they had good fencing too!  Kiki is adored by her new family and is a very loyal little lady indeed.  She particularly enjoys sneaking into the grand children's swimming pool when she thinks no one is watching!

Anne and Steve are also valued volunteers for D2F.


Cash's Story  

This beautiful GS cross is Cash.  Oh my, Cash was the absolute favourite with the volunteers.

Cash is the most loyal, loving dog you could imagine.

She was abandoned by her previous owner and left to starve until she was rescued.

Cash went from a wonderful foster home into her FOREVER HOME in March this year.

This is a photo of her embracing the affections of her new adopted brother on her very first night!

She has bonded so quickly with her new family, they just LOVE her.

She is incredibly loyal and devoted to them already because of the kindness, love and understanding they have given her.

 We couldn't have asked in all our dreams for a more lovely family for Cash.


Rocky's Story  

This poor boy had a dreadful life previously.  He is pure Beagle and was used on a puppy farm for breeding and spent eight, long, sad years incarcerated in a cage in a dark shed with no day light until he was rescued.

Then a wonderful couple came forward for him after they lost their dog.


Lillian and Pete offered this lovely boy a home he could only have dreamed of in his days in that awful cage.  Now Rocky can enjoy all the luxuries of a lovely home with truly kind people and walks in the New Forest of course too!


Ritz's Story  

This poor gorgeous boy had a dreadful start in life. He was left with injuries to one of his legs that made it shorter to the rest, abandoned and in pain.

Ritz was only one when he was found and taken into foster care by a wonderful lady called Ethel.

It wasn't long before a super family read his story and came forward to adopt him.

He now has an amazing life with Angela and Rob and has a very special bond with their grand son too.

Ritz has certainly found his golden basket with this lovely family, we couldn't have asked for more for him.


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