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This lovely, gentle boy is Max, he is super sweet and adores other dogs, he is gentle, and loves people.  He is a youngster, just a year old.  Max is currently in a shelter and due to come into foster care.  Max is a very special boy because he only has limited sight.  He will need a special family/person to help him learn to adapt.  If you think you are that special person for Max please get in contact with us.  Max has had a terrible start being abandoned and then loosing most of his sight. 

Dogs' adapt very well though in the right environment and with the right owner, it helps if there is a resident dog already to guide them. 

Adoption Fee £325




This super cutie is little Barney, he is presently three months. Barney is a total sweetheart, he loves people and other dogs and will be a wonderful addition to a family.  He is playful and very clever, he already walks nicely on his lead, knows some basic commands and is house trained as well.  Barney is a Podenco which is a sight hound, these are super clever, loyal and playful dogs and they do like to be active.  Barney will be medium size eventually.  

Adoption Fee £395




This handsome fellow is Frank, he is 20 months old.  Frank is a little shy at first but once he knows you, is very affectionate and loving.  He is good with dogs, cats and older children whom he lives with at present.  Frank is a Bodeguero cross.  He is small/medium measuring 40cm in height.  He is a gentle, sweet boy, once you gain his confidence, he will repay you with great affection.



Adoption Fee £395




This smashing boy is Harry, he and his brother Henry are like twins!  They are Spanish Greyhounds (Galgos) built for speed not stamina so after a nice run they turn into coach potatoes!  Harry is 4 years old.

Harry is a very gentle boy, loyal with a lovely nature.   He is a very good boy on his lead and mixes well with other dogs.  Galgos make wonderful family pets.

Due to his breed, we would love to find him a home without small animals.

Adoption Fee £375




A big thank you to Lula's forever family for giving her her golden basket!




A big thank you to Duna's forever family for giving her her golden basket.   



A big thank you to Archie's forever family for giving him his golden basket.


This beautiful 8 month old girl is Charlotte.  She is a Pointer cross. She is a gentle, playful girl and loves to play with her litter mates, she loves chasing a ball too and would love an energetic family/owner.  She will need further training due to her young age.  Charlotte is medium size and weighs 14.9kg.  She is a stunning girl!

Adoption Fee £395




This beautiful GS is Sable, we believe she is about 8 years old.  Sable has quite a story, she was rescued near to deaths door by her current owner and has since been foster mum to countless foster dogs in their home big and small!  Sable is sadly being rehomed due to her owner's health, she is a wonderful girl, with a very generous heart.  She is loyal, loving and great with all dogs.  Sable absolutely loves her walks and will need an active owner who is home most of the day.  She is a total sweetheart!


Adoption Fee £295




A big thank you to Kimbo's new family for giving him his golden basket.   



This stunning boy is Henry.

Henry and his brother Harry were abandoned, he is 4 years old.

Henry is a Spanish Greyhound (Galgo), they are gentle, loving and loyal dogs built for speed not stamina, so after a good run, they turn into couch potatoes!

Henry is a lovely boy, good with other dogs and walks nicely on his lead.  Galgos make wonderful family dogs.

Due to his breed, we would love him to find a home without small animals.

Adoption Fee £375




A big thank you to Elise's new family for giving her a golden basket.   




A big thank you to Connie's new family for giving her a golden basket.


This stunning girl is Sally, she is a Pointer.  Sally is two years old.  She is super human friendly and wants to be with you all the time, she loves her tummy rubs and any attention she can get from her special humans.  She is a little timid of strangers but her confidence is developing, she is a little nervous of big dogs at the moment too.  She is a gentle girl and good on the lead.  Sally needs someone around most of the day as she loves company.  She will need a very active owner who enjoys long walks/runs due to her breed.  Sally is medium size.

Adoption Fee £395




This lovely girl is Kini, she is 7 years old.  Kini is a very special girl and requires a very special home due to the severe abuse she previously suffered.  Kini is still afraid of strangers and her lead at present.  She is a gentle girl with very low confidence so will require a calm dog companion in her new home as well as a calm, gentle, experienced owner who is home all day.  We hope we can find a very special person for Kini as she has had the worst life imaginable up until now.  She is a lovely girl though, desperate to join in the activities but to nervous to do so at the moment.  She gets on very well with other dogs and is fully house trained.  Kini is medium size. 

Adoption Fee £295




A big thank you to King's new family for giving him his golden basket.






A big thank you to Sam's new family for giving him his golden basket. 



A big thank you to Holly's new family for giving her a golden basket.   




This very sweet girl is our lovely Cassie.  She is 4 years old.  Cassie is very good with other dogs and horses, wonderful with her foster carers but shy of new people she doesn't know which is quite true of her breed.  She is very affectionate and loving with her special humans. She is a Podenco, these are sight hounds.  Podenco's are wonderful, loyal dogs and rarely have any health issues.  They are timid, gentle dogs and clever.  Cassie is a large dog.

Cassie is very well behaved and lives with many other dogs, she has never caused a problem and is a very submissive girl who just wants to please.


Adoption Fee £350

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