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Frequently asked questions

Why do we charge fees?

We are registered as a Community Interest Company because of our charitable purpose, we are a not-for-profit organisation.

100% of all fees received go directly to support Dogs2Foster UK which supports dogs at risk of harm, suffering, abandonment or even death. These dogs are cared for by dedicated foster families until a permanent home can be found for them. They all have their own unique profile on our site where you can follow their journey, sponsor them or offer one of these dogs a forever home.

Adopters pay an adoption fee for a dog they want to re-home. This secures the dog for them and assures us that they are committed to the rehoming process and genuinely want to adopt the dog.

Our adoption fees also help us to help our dogs in need by providing foster care, paying for their food, veterinary care, training classes etc.

It also gives us some small assurance that they can afford to rehome a dog.

We do not charge dog owner’s a fee for using our service because some owners may not be able to financially afford this, and this could be partly or wholly the reason they are rehoming their dog.

We want to encourage dog owners to use our service to prevent their dog(s) being handed over to a shelter or pound environment which can have a detrimental effect on the dog’s behaviour and wellbeing which can then make it more difficult to rehome the dog in this case. Shelter environments can be extremely stressful and frightening for a dog, particularly for a dog who is used to living in a home environment.

We do not endorse dogs being offered ‘free to good home’ because there have been reported cases were dogs rehomed like this were then sold on again to new owners for profit or where dogs have been used for illegal ‘sporting’ activities.

I want to adopt a dog, what do I need to do?

That’s great, we love people who want to adopt our wonderful dogs and provide them with a super forever home. Please click on the Dogs Needing Adoption tab which explains everything you need to know. Once you have read our information, you will need to complete one simple adopters’ application form.

Are the dogs free to good home?

Unfortunately, not. If they were free, this may encourage people to rehome them just to sell them on again for profit or use them for illegal ‘sporting’ activities for example. To protect their welfare and the work we do we charge a standard adoption fee unless otherwise specified.

I can’t find the sort of dog I am looking for on your website?

Some of our wonderful dogs are being assessed and preparing for rehoming and therefore may not be active on our website just yet. We update our dogs for rehoming daily so please keep looking. From your application form, we will alert you by email or telephone when we think we have found the right dog for you. Dog adoption info here Dog fostering info here

We need to rehome our dog because we just can't cope, are we still able to?

Definitely. We want to support owners like you make the right decision for your family and your circumstances. It is much easier and safer for your dog to be rehomed whilst he is living with you, he would stand little chance on the streets or in the dog pound, so you have made the responsible decision to find a new home for him, well done! Please click on our Dog Rehoming page so we can get started! Your dog’s profile will be active within 24 hours. Please Contact Us if you need help to complete your dog’s profile.

How long does it take to rehome a dog?

It can vary but, in our experience, the more effort the dog’s owner puts on their dog’s profile with happy pictures and videos the sooner your dog gets rehomed.

Do you do checks on dog adopters and fosterers?

Yes, we do, and we use different checks and methods for different people depending on their circumstances. The safety of our dogs and their new owner’s is our first priority.

What happens if I pay the adoption fee and then change my mind?

If an adopter then changes their mind, we then have to care for the dog you were adopting so this is why the adoption fee is non-refundable.

What if I meet my dog and then change my mind?

Dog’s react differently to different people, at the first or second meeting you will be a stranger to your dog, so you should not expect them to greet you like their owner. Dogs are very loyal. As far as your new dog is concerned their special person is still their current owner. If you are having any doubts, it is kinder to let us know straight away so that we do not cause unnecessary stress to the dog. Honesty is always the best policy in these circumstances.

I have adopted a dog from you - how do I make sure everything I am doing with my new dog is okay?

We’d love to talk to you and find out how you and your dog are doing, you can contact us any time for advice or support. Owning a dog is a big commitment, we understand this. We lovee to chat to new owners to make sure everything is going well.

Do you have a shelter / rescue centre?

Not now, although we hope to provide an animal sanctuary facility for our dogs who need our lifelong love and care. We use wonderful fosters and incredible dog home boarders to support our causes. We believe the best place for our dogs to be well socialised is in the home where they are far more relaxed and themselves.

Do you put dogs down?

We do not allow an animal to suffer, neither do we rehome dangerous dogs as this would be irresponsible of us as an organisation and incredibly unfair on the dogs themselves.

As a dedicated team including our vet, we find these decisions incredibly difficult and it never gets any easier, but in very rare and specific situations, it is the most humane thing to do.

We have a special memorial page for any dog who touched our hearts, this is on our website so that they will always be remembered and never forgotten. We hope that this will remind and educate people, so that in future times, these wonderful animals will be respected more and abused less.

I want to volunteer, but I’m not sure I can commit?

We love volunteers! We would need you to commit either weekly, fortnightly or monthly doing something your great at which can be many things, here are just some:

  • Organising events
  • Creating new ideas for events
  • Training/socialising/walking our dogs
  • Photographing and reporting on your local dog pound
  • Fostering short-term, long-term, part-time, full-time.
  • Collecting donated equipment from your local store
  • Home checking (expenses paid)
  • Transporting dogs to the vets, new foster homes or adopters (expenses paid)
  • Helping with owner/adopter/fosterer applications
  • Support with marketing
If you are training in a field which you know would benefit our lovely dogs, please contact us.

I rehomed a dog from you, but my circumstances have changed, can you help?

We are always pleased when you got in touch. Please let us know what you need so that we can help. Contact us here for help with a rehomed dog

Are all your dogs vaccinated?

Always :)

Are your dogs neutered?

If they are not already neutered on their profile, they will be neutered before being rehomed if they are old enough. We do this to prevent unwanted dog litters and to prevent owners breeding more puppies when we have so many abandoned dogs already to rehome. Plus, it can be beneficial to your dog’s health and behaviour.

I want to register as a dog home boarder, how does this work?

Dog owners contact us when they need a home boarding service for their dog. They may be going on holiday or into hospital for example. They want to book an at home experience for their beloved dog on a temporary basis rather than using dog kennels.

Home boarders provide a fantastic solution for dog owners. You must be compliant with our rules though, these are very straight forward. Further information is available if you click on our Foster a dog page

Where are you based?

We are based in the New Forest in the South of England. We all work remotely from our own homes to ensure any funds available are used to support our dogs and not excessive overheads. Plus, we often have foster dogs in our care at home so, it is important we can work from home to support them as well.

Do you allow people with children to adopt?

Every profile is looked at differently so we do not provide blanket rules when dogs would otherwise have no home at all.

What is a C.I.C company?

C.I.C stands for Community Interest Company, these were only introduced in 2008. It is a limited company which is not for profit with a charitable purpose.

We sought special approval to be granted C.I.C. status. We produce an annual report alongside statutory accounts for HMRC which members of the public can view.

We can have different functions as a C.I.C organisation as opposed to a charity.

Please click on this goverment site link for further information.

I want to adopt my foster dog, is this allowed?

Definitely. We would process your application and adoption fee just as we would for an adopter but obviously the home checks would not be necessary.

What if I foster a dog and want to go on holiday whilst the dog is living with me?

If it is not possible to take your foster dog with you, we would ask another fosterer to look after your dog whilst your away. We always ask if you have any holidays booked too before we ask you to foster a dog, that’s why we ask for a maximum commitment of three months for each foster dog you help.

If for personal or professional reasons I could no longer foster what notice do you need from me?

If you have a foster dog with you, we would really hope that you could see your foster dog through to adoption. If you don’t have a foster dog and do not have one scheduled to come to you, then you do not need to give us any notice at all.

What if my foster dog comes into season whilst I’m caring for her?

Each season lasts three weeks, it is important you keep her secure so that dogs cannot get in to your garden to mate and she can’t get out to them. The second week of her season is when she is ready to mate, and these feelings are intensified. It is important to only walk her on a lead at quiet times of the day when other dogs are not about and that this is done away from other dogs.

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