Foster a dog 

Could this be you?
  • I have respect for animals.

  • I’m active.

  • I’m kind and patient.

  • I have room in my home

  • I could commit for up to 3 months if required or help another fosterer as and when needed.

  • I have time to exercise and play with my foster dog, usually two walks a day of 30 minutes, some dogs require more depending on breed.

  • I would be happy to take my foster dog to dog training if necessary.

  • I could take my foster dog to the vets.

  • I’d be happy to write a short weekly update for my foster dog’s rehoming page and send some great photos too.

  • I’d be happy to help another foster on a temporary basis and share some of the care of the foster dog?

Are your circumstances like these?

  • You would love a dog of your own, but your circumstances don’t allow for one now.

  •  you commit?

  • You have recently lost your beloved dog and miss the company of a dog in your home?  

  • Are you training in an animal related profession and want to get some practical, hands on experience?

  • Have you recently lost a dog and your other dog is missing their canine companion?

  • You have recently retired, and love dogs

  • You want to teach your children important values about respecting and caring for animals.

Dogs2FosterUK help by:
  • Providing a boarding allowance to cover your foster dog’s food and training classes (if required).

  • Providing public liability insurance and insurance to cover any unexpected health issues.

  • Covering your foster dogs microchipping, neutering, vaccinations and health check expenses.

  • Providing all your foster dogs equipment.

  • Providing a professional reference detailing your voluntary contribution to our organisation.

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