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Abandoned dogs -how we work


Otto age 1 year  &  Pippa aged 4 years.  Otto experienced unimaginable cruelty and Pip's suffered abuse too.

Pip's was rescued first, she then became Otto's foster mum, he was so scared of humans.  Within only days, they were like  mum and son, the most amazing relationship we have ever seen!


 Both are the most loving dogs, so gentle and sweet and a real pleasure.  

Now safe, happy &  loved and of course...spoilt rotten! x

Many dogs we rehome have been living with a family in a home environment, some are not so lucky and have been abandoned and live with a foster carer until a permanent loving home can be found.  As a dog lover this can be hard to understand, but, if your circumstances changed dramatically and you were taken ill, you lost your job or home for example, what would happen to your beloved dogs.  Sometimes owners don't have a choice. 
We help regardless of their circumstances to find loving homes for their dogs.  We don't judge and our service is confidential and free.  


If you are an owner needing help for your dog, please get in touch.  Do not hand your dog to a shelter, pound or advertise them on multimedia 'free to a good home' where they will be unsafe and vulnerable to online predators.


Let us help you rehome your dog safely.

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