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Our story

The Dogs2Foster UK story

Dogs2Foster UK was founded by Jo Brewer following the loss of two of her own rescue dogs. “We had always re-homed rescue animals as a family, in fact, I can’t recall us ever buying a pet. When we lost our beloved dogs we were completely devastated and lost without them. Home just didn’t feel like home any more so, we decided to rescue another dog which we assumed would be quite straight forward!


We spent most evenings for two months completing endless dog adoption forms through various charities large and small for dogs that needed a good home who we thought we’d be a perfect match for.


I had my own business, we owned our own home, had a large secure garden, I was able to work around the dog’s routine to ensure it was not left for more than a few hours, I could take the dog to work, we were experienced dog owners, and we were financially stable. More importantly we were experienced rescuers having been brought up on a small holding in the middle of the New Forest, we had every animal that was unwanted dropped at our gates and they remained with us until they passed - donkeys, ponies, ducks, chickens, rabbits, cats, dogs - you name it!  


Our son was five years old at the time, he was very intelligent around dogs, he’d always lived with dogs  and knew ‘the rules’ of respecting and owning a dog.

After applying to re-home at least thirty dogs and each application taking several hours, some of the rescues never even responded to us and the ones that did turned us down because we had a young child, or some of the dogs were no longer available, but were still advertised. It was a depressing and frustrating experience.

We spoke to every dog owner we could in our research only to find most of them were dog rescuers too, but for various reasons, they had also endured a similar experience to us, they had been turned away by so many larger dog charities, it was quite unbelievable! 


With so many of these charities constantly asking for donations ( we had cold calling, emails, texts, phone calls, you name it, to increase our direct debits - it was never ending) then reading almost continuously that they were putting dogs down whilst taking our donations infuriated us, just like many people we imagine!   It wasn't just us, it was friends, dog owners we had known for years, dog lovers that wanted to help the dogs just like us.

So, we decided to put our money to better use by directly helping the dogs ourselves by setting up Dogs2FosterUK independently. 


Many of the dogs live with us in our home or in our local foster homes in the beautiful New Forest in the South of England where our boys and girls are socialised with the New Forest Ponies (always an experience the first time!) , the livestock that roam the forest as well as all the other dog s in our vicinity. 


Some of our dogs have come through 'hell' to find paradise at the end, all of them have a remarkable story of survival and are remarkable dogs just looking for love and kindness!  Please read our 'Success Page.'

We are very proud of our 100% success rate for rehoming dogs safely.  Prior to starting Dogs2FosterUK we had two very bad experiences many years ago with two previous small charities where we adopted dogs that were completely unsuitable for our environment and that should have certainly NOT been placed with children (we never blamed the dogs of course, they had obviously come through hell, but were unsafe to rehome with us) , when you have been given false information like we were, you try EVERYTHING to make it work  as a dog lover but, it can turn your life into a living nightmare, it did for us!  When this happened to us, we had a two choices which were 1) emergency kennels...then what? or 2) a local shelter, they could be put to sleep most possibly!  

We came through it and so did the dogs but, it was one of the worst experiences to endure, totally heart breaking because we were so emotionally attached to them - both were rehomed I am pleased to say but it took a long time to get over this experience.  We hear this all too often.  This is why we are about 100% safety in the way we rehome our boys and girls.  We would rather rehome a small number of dogs safely than tell untruths and place people in the same situation we experienced to get our dogs rehomed - this does not help the dog nor you!

We want to help dogs desperate to find their loving forever homes find their perfect adopter. Our matching process facilitates positive outcomes for dogs and dog adopters. Its easy to use, no more trawling through endless websites like we experienced, you complete one adoption form, we complete the necessary checks.  We don't keep people waiting, or not get back to adopter's like we experienced, all communication is returned within 24 hours.    If you don't match the dog you want to adopt we will explain why - honestly but kindly.


We pride our selves and our reputation on honesty, safety and good matching.  We do not believe in finding any adopter for any dog, we want our dogs and adopters to find their perfect match and join the Dogs2fosterUK family where we keep in touch regularly, send you newsletters, you can join our friendly pub walks, contact us for any help and advice, meet other adopters - we are a family of dog rescuers who have a shared interest, our respect for dogs.

We know some of our dogs will never find homes due to health or the severe abuse they have suffered at that hands of their human, for these boys and girls we want to offer them a home for life at the very first New Forest Sanctuary which is in the planning stages.   This would be a place were our shared love of dogs (and all animals) becomes a place of love and security for not just our animals but animal lovers in the New Forest.  You will not see a single kennel or dog/animal incarcerated in a depressing environment, they will all live naturally in their own habitat.

We need our community to help us achieve this reality for the dogs and animals that need us.  If you want to support this reality, you can make a donation in person or on the website but we ask that you leave a name just so that we can 'thank you' but not badger you!

Please help us build the New Forest Animal Sanctuary as soon as possible.

This is not a sanctuary for just animals, it will be a sanctuary for the vulnerable volunteers in our community who may be elderly, experience isolation and anxiety, be at risk of harm, vulnerable children - our sanctuary will bring together not just the vulnerable animals but vulnerable people from all ages and abilities and the best helpers of all will be our dogs and animals so please get behind us! 

If every dog lover alone in the New Forest donated just £5.00 to the sanctuary, it could be up and running by as soon as 2021!  Surely this is a cause worth supporting?  We have a designated PAYPAL option just for the New Forest Animal Sanctuary so that you know your donation is intended for this purpose only.

Our love of dogs and animals is what will make our community feel together as one, please build it with us. 


When the sanctuary is able to be built, we want to name all our donators for helping us achieve something incredible - please leave your name after donation, this is important to us.  There will be a book of record to say that we achieved this incredible achievement together for the love of animals, the first of its kind in the UK and in the New Forest. 


Thank you x