Corona Virus - Protect Your Dog

If you are a dog owner and you have symptoms of the Corona Virus and are self-Isolating please take precautions with your dog.

It is not believed that dogs transmit the virus but recent evidence in China suggests they can contract it and possibly become ill. Research is still on-going but please take measures to protect your dog by:

Opening windows so that your home is well ventilated.

If you are coughing, please try and keep your dog in a separate room or wear a face mask at least.

ALWAYS wash your hands thoroughly before touching your dog, their food or their things.

Keep your dog's food and treats sealed in containers.

Do not let other people pet your dog.

Do not sleep with your dog next to you.

Keep floors and surfaces as clean as possible with disinfectant.

?Wash your hands with soap and water not hand sanitizer as this can be dangerous for dogs if they lick it!

Dispose of tissues straight away in the bin, do not allow your dog to sniff things that could be harmful.

Make sure you keep their lead and collar clean by regular washing or using anti-bacterial spray, the same applies to their toys and bedding and of course feeding bowls.

Further information is available on our dedicated "Corona Virus Help Page."

Please share with family, friends and neighbours.


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