Corona Virus - Worried about Your Dogs?

We are here to help dog owners cope with the ever changing situation with Coronavirus. Whether you are just looking for ways to stimulate your dog at home for the months ahead or if you are seriously worried about getting ill or having to go into hospital and have no support network to care for your beloved dog(s).

We have a dedicated page on our website to address these issues as well as offering practical support now.

You can also volunteer your help to help others. Please go to our Corona Virus Help Page and please share this information with friends and family.

We have been hit hard by the social restrictions and financial uncertainty and there appears to be no mention as yet of help to the voluntary sector like us from the government so if you can help by making a donation, any amount would much appreciated. Details of how to do this are also on our Coronavirus Help Page.

Keep yourself and your dog safe. xx


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