About Dogs2Foster UK

Our Aims:

1. To promote responsible dog rehoming and ownership.

2. To provide safe fostering solutions for owners.

3. To prevent dog abandonment

Dogs2Foster UK was founded by Jo Brewer following the loss of two of her own rescue dogs. “We had always re-homed rescue animals as a family, in fact, I can’t recall us ever buying a pet. When we lost our beloved dogs we were completely devastated and lost without them. Home just didn’t feel like home any more so, we decided to re-home another dog which we assumed would be quite straight forward!

We spent most evenings for two months completing endless dog adoption forms through various charities large and small for dogs that needed a good home who we thought we’d be a perfect match for.

I had my own business, we owned our own home, had a large secure garden, I was able to work around the dog’s routine to ensure it was not left for more than a few hours, I could take the dog to work, we were experienced dog owners, and we were financially stable. Our son was five years old at the time, he was very intelligent around dogs, he’d always lived with one and knew ‘the rules’ of respecting and owning a dog.

After applying to re-home at least thirty dogs and each application taking several hours, some of the rescues never even responded to us and the ones that did turned us down because we had a young child or some of the dogs were no longer available but were still advertised. It was a depressing and frustrating experience.

We spoke to every dog owner we could on our daily walks only to find most of them were dog adopters too, they had rescued a dog but for various reasons, they had also endured a similar experience to us.

The idea of one interactive website for all dogs needing homes as well as adopters trying to find their ideal dog made perfect sense. We then considered the abandoned dogs living in shelters or dog pounds and the possible detrimental effects of the shelter environment on their behaviour possibly deterring potential adopters. This encouraged us to find a solution for these dogs too, so we developed our dog fostering service and Dogs2FosterUK was born!

We want to help dogs desperate to find their loving forever homes find their perfect adopter. Our matching process facilitates positive outcomes for dogs and dog adopters. Its easy to use, its free, no more trawling through endless websites like we experienced, you take the simple steps required, complete one rehoming form and once checks are complete, your profile is ‘live’ and you are ready to find your dog. It’s that simple!


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