Simbae's Long Haired range is your pH balanced solution for long haired and fluffy creatures. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Horsetail Extract and Keratin Amino Acids strengthen the coat and increase shine, leaving the hair naturally soft and cuddly. For hairy situations, use Long Haired Conditioner to maintain smooth and fluffy fur. The Long Haired bundle consists of Long Haired Shampoo, Long Haired Conditioner & Long Haired Detangler, specially designed for dogs and cats that have knots, need coat maintenance. Benefits Natural Keration amino acids to provide a healthy shining coat. Vitamin E for rejuvenating your pets skin and fur. Aloe Vera to protect skin and relieve itching. Directions of use: Shampoo: Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water and apply a generous amount of shampoo. Massage deeply into the coat from head to tail and rinse well with warm water.  Conditioner: Apply to either a wet or dry coat, lightly spray and gently brush through the fur while avoiding face and eye areas. This will extend time between baths and with regular use will bring beautiful natural lustre to any coat. Detangler: Spray directly onto affected area's which are too tough to brush. Gently brush the fur until knots are out, apply a few sprays over your pet's coat to prevent future knotting. Suitable for frequent use

Long Haired Bundle


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